Literacy instruction cannot wait.

Our students must be proficient readers NOW.

Let Eureka Educational Consultants help your staff to combat learning loss.

We at Eureka Educational Consultants are working toward a day when all students will be fluent readers at their grade level. We want every student to be able to gather information from grade level text and to enjoy reading.

Our company assists schools and districts in creating high-quality, research-based reading plans that address the needs of all students. We strive to create an environment that supports and encourages reading as a preferred activity. We believe in enlisting the support of parents and the community in achieving this mission.

We Offer

Below are some of the services we offer to school sites and districts.


Support. Training. Guidance.
Eureka helps teachers to work smarter, not harder. We are key to accelerating your results.

Instructional Coaches

We help instructional coaches to support teachers. We assist them in reflecting on data and instructional practice.

Site Administrators

We assist site administrators in maximizing their role as instructional leaders at the site. We walk alongside them as they create a culture of literacy and learning.

District Administrators

We assist district administrators to guide site teams in providing more effective literacy instruction.


We help English and Spanish-speaking parents to support their children in literacy.

Service Model

Keep, Fix, Stop, Start
We meet with educational institutions and listen to their needs.

How we can help you

Extensive needs assessment that tailors the program to the specific district, site or classroom that is receiving the support.

Teacher input is built in and valued at every point of the needs assessment and the implementation. 


Flexible implementation
I can provide as much or as little support as the site or district needs.

Focus is on K-3
Can be used for grades 4 and 5 struggling readers

Parent component for English or Spanish speakers

Meet Deidre Marshall

Deidre Marshall’s career in California public education spans nearly 35 years.
She taught kindergarten through 6th grade for close to two decades. She worked in administration for 14 years: nine as a principal/site administrator, and five as a Director of Curriculum. In addition to her teaching and administrative credentials, she also has a Bilingual Crosscultural Language, and Academic Development (BCLAD) Certificate. She also has California HOUSSE reading certification because of her Reading Recovery and other literacy training.

The students under her sphere of influence always experienced amazing reading success. Whether she taught them as a classroom teacher or motivated their teachers as a coach or administrator, students moved forward academically and were proud of their reading accomplishments.

Ms. Marshall is deeply passionate about literacy. Strong reading skills have the potential to change a student’s life for the better and to give them career options when they graduate from high school. Educators hold the key to students’ success. She wants those who work on behalf of students–the essential workers and life changers–to be able to have maximum effectiveness in what they do, because it is so important. As a consultant, she wants to make a positive difference for educators so that they can achieve the best results possible for their students and secure the future.  

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